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Semana Santa Malaga

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Semana Santa is a religious celebration which primarily in the Andalusian cities like Sevilla, Granada and Malaga is one of the most important festivities of the year. This celebration takes place the week before Easter, which is also known as the holy week. So, are you during these weeks in Malaga or are you planning on booking? Read further here and get to know everything!


If you would like to be there when this religious celebration is happening, the best thing to do is to see the processions in Malaga city, as these happen to differ themselves from processions in other cities. The thrones (en Malaga these are called ‘tronos’) that are carried in the processions here are much bigger compared to those in other processions. Sometimes they are even carried by more than 150 ‘hombres del tróno’.

During the processions, the suffering of Christ is commemorated. The members of the brotherhood will carry the ‘trono’ with a statue of Jesus or Maria on top. With the trono they walk through the streets and the city center of Malaga. Every procession has its own route, but they have one thing in common: they all pass through the street Alameda Principal and from there through the Calle Marqués de Larios. They also pass by the stand at the Plaza de la Constitucion. Depending on the route the procession takes, it can last up until 5 hours!

Semana Santa
Semana Santa eater 2019 Malaga


During every procession, some ‘Nazarenos’ participate as well: these members represent the penitents of the story. They are dressed in costumes with pointy hoods, which guarantee their anonymity. The ladies are dressed in a black Mantilla, with which they show their mourning of the penance. Besides that, they carry a consecrated palm leaf. Every procession will begin and end in the church of a brotherhood, in which all of the statues are stored. The statue of Christ will be carried out of the church and around the city during the procession.

Book in time!

From the first Sunday on there are different festivities on every day, so it’s really worth it to be there the whole holy week! You should really book in time in order to be there during Semana Santa, as people all over the world love to celebrate this special event. All the more reason to start planning your holidays early: this way you will be sure not to miss anything

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Program Semana Santa Malaga

If you are in Malaga during Semana Santa, you can find the programme of the week in several different shops and restaurants. You could also take a look at the website of Semana Santa for the programme. Despite the fact that all processions of Semana Santa are fantastic, we still wanted to make it easier for you to choose by pointing out some major highlights:

Domingo de Ramos – Palmzondag Malaga

Domingo de Ramos – Palm Sunday

The brotherhood called Fusionados has 6 thrones, and even actor Antonio Banderas is a member. Every year, this world famous actor comes to his birth town to participate in the processions, and he always wears the ‘Trono de la Virgen de Lágrimas y Favores’, or ‘the virgin of the tears and favours’. The procession starts in the Calle San Juan at the homonymous church. As the passage at the Iglesia de San Pablo is really narrow, the carriers will exit the church on their knees.

El Cautivo Malaga Holiday

Lunes Santo – Holy Monday

A really popular brotherhood is the El Señor de Málaga, with the nickname El Cautivo. The processions of this brotherhood are definitely worth watching!

Humillación y Estrella

Martes Santo – Holy Tuesday

This day, the brotherhood Humilación y Estrella complicate the carrying process even further by stretching the arms. For the audience this is great to watch, as the throne is better visible due to its higher position.

Miércoles santo – Holy Wednesday

Holy Wednesday is even a more special day. On this day, the throne of El Rico is carried by (among others) three prisoners. This tradition originates from the time there was a shortage of carriers because of the pest plague. In order to resolve the shortage the decision to let some prisoners participate was made. As a reward, one of the prisoners would be pardoned. El Rico is carried around in the evening, and will begin on the platform of the cathedral.

Jueves Santo – White Thursday

Jueves Santo is the day of the legion, which will come from Melilla to the port of Málaga. La Legion brings a goat as a mascot. This event draws a lot of audience, and is definitely a must-see! The brotherhood Esperanza carries the largest throne on this day, which is believed to weigh 4500 kilo. On the streets, rosemary is sprinkled on the places where Esperanza passes through.

Viernes Santo

Viernes Santo – Good Friday

The final procession is carried out by the members of the brotherhood called Servitas. During this procession the city lights will be turned off. The city will only be enlightened by candle light, which creates a very special, mysterious athmosphere.


-If you want to attend a procession, it is best to go there long before the event starts. The processions are really popular and if you arrive late you might not be able to even see it.

– Be aware that, on some days during Semana Santa, the shops and supermarkets will be closed.

-From a balcony, you would have the very best view of the processions. You can rent a balcony, for a decent price, on My Balcony.

– In this week, prices of hotels and restaurants will be considerably more expensive. Reserve a place in time and ask for the menu before taking a seat in a restaurant.

– In order to see the processions and attend every event, it is smart to be aware of the starting times and exact routes. Printed guides are available everywhere, especially at the tourist spots. However, there are also a mobile application available, which can definitely help you out as well.

-Be patient! In these eight days Malaga is completely jammed due to this spectacular event. Only crossing a simple street could be a great challenge, and everything takes time. The only thing you can do is take a breath, and patiently enjoy everything!

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