Rent your (holiday) apartment or house


Are you the owner of a (holiday) apartment or house in the region of Malaga, in between Mijas and La Herradura (Almuñécar) and would you like to rent it? In that case Reikon Holidays can offer you an excellent opportunity: your personal wishes are our main concern and Louise and Ruben will take care of everything for you.


What we offer you:

Reikon Holidays will bring your apartment or house under the attention of millions of potential clients through our own and several other websites. Reikon Holidays will make a photo collection of your apartment or home, decides (when you wish together with you) its rental rate, and maintains a network of interested clients. Booking requests of interested clients will at the most a few hours after the request be answered. Clients will be picked up from the airport and wil get an explanation about the house and the region of Malaga in their own language.


When requested, we can also rent a car for the clients. We will sign a rental contract with them, your keys will be guarded the whole year and your house will be thoroughly cleaned everytime after a client left. Louise and Ruben are the contact persons of the clients during the entire stay, and will be there for questions or problems (for example for accidents or technical problems in the residence). We handle the financial part as well, together with the client.


Ultimately, we will also act as the contact persons for local institutions when this is neccesary or requested.


The residences that are rented by Reikon Holidays meet the standard of the Andalusia holiday rental licence. We expect your apartment or house to meet this standard as well. Of course, we will inform you beforehand which requirements of the Spanish government are requested.


What are your profits:

You will receive the entire rent that clients pay, with only some parts excluded: in exchange for taking over the maintanance of your residence you will pay Reikon Holidays a small percentage of the profit, the cleaning costs (dependent on the size of your residence), the photo collection and the advertisement costs for advertising on several websites.

For more information please complete the contact form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.