The Feria of Malaga

The Feria of Malaga

From Thursday the 15th until Saturday the 24th of August, the Feria of Malaga takes place. Besides the Semana Santa, this event is the largest festivity held in this beautiful city. In this week, theres delicious food and refreshing Spanish drinks everywhere in the city, and the Spanish are dancing and singing on every corner of the street. If you want to experience the genuine Andalusian culture, you really cannot miss this exciting week. So are you in or nearby Malaga in August? Then read everything about the Feria and why it is worth it to visit this event!


The Feria celebrates the departure of the Moors from Malaga. After the occupation of the Romans, the Visigoths briefly held the reigns in this area. Yet, these were expelled in the 8th century after Christ by the Moors, which then inhabited the area for hundreds of years. The recapture of the Catholics was miserably slow (a lot slower than the retaking of other Spanish cities), but on the 18th of August 1487 Malaga finally, after a long battle with many deaths, became a part of the Catholic kingdom again. It could very well be the case that the Feria is now so extensively celebrated just because of the intensity of this battle.

The start

This year, the Feria commences on the 15th of August, on a Wednesday evening, with the Pregón de la Feria (the announcement of the Feria). A famous Malagueño announces the festivities, which is celebrated extensively with a lot of firework on the beach of Malaga. You definitely have to be there: New Year’s Eve is nothing compared to this! Then, the festival starts on the day after. Actually, this week consists of two Ferias: one during the day in the city center (Feria De Dia), and one during the night just outside the city center (Feria de Noche). These two are very different, but are both definitely worth a visit.

Feria de dia

The whole week, the day program starts around 14:00 in the streets of the old city centre. The Feria is so special, as you can see the real South-Spanish culture everywhere. It is traditional for the locals to visit the Feria in authentic clothing: therefore, you will see women in long Flamenco dresses and men in nice suits and with hats everywhere. And of course, the delicious Spanish tapas can be found in every street! In the city, there are many stalls with great food, and fresh homemade Sangria and Tinto de Verano. There are bands and dancers performing on the plazas and in the streets. Are you a Flamenco fan? Then you can indulge yourself during this event: the authentic Andalusian music and the traditional dance can be spotted on many places in the historical center.

There are a couple of highlights during this program, which you really cannot miss. To begin with, the Romería de la Virgen de la Victoria de Málaga is a procession with horse carriages, in which many locals in traditional clothing participate. This is a spectacular thing to see! Also, the historical parade is nice to see. In this parade, the entry of the catholic king is commemorated. This parade, normally on the first Sunday of the Feria, starts with the hand over of the city’s keys on the Plaza de la Aduana.

Feria de Noche

Elke dag om 18:00 verplaatst het feest zich naar een enorm festivalterrein buiten de stad, vlak bij het beursgebouw van Malaga. Het avondprogramma komt daar vanaf 21:00 goed los! Als je vanuit de stad naar dit terrein wilt komen is de bus de beste optie: tijdens de Feria rijdt lijn F 24 uur per dag tussen het festivalterrein en het centrum. Op het festivalterrein zijn honderden standjes te vinden van broederschappen, bedrijven en andere organisaties. Hier is van alles en nog wat te doen, te kopen en te eten, en er vinden allerlei optredens en concerten plaats. Ook is er een grote piste waar spectaculaire paardenshows worden gehouden.

Every day at 18:00, the party moves to a huge festival terrain just outside the city, nearby the stock exchange building of Malaga. The evening program there is worth while a visit from 21:00! If you want to go there from the city center, then the bus is the best option to travel. During the Feria, bus line F rides between this terrain and the center 24 hours a day. On the festival terrain are hundreds of stalls of brotherhoods, companies and other organizations. There is a lot to do, see and eat here, and all kinds of performances and concerts are held. There is also a large arena where spectacular horse shows can be seen.

Accessibility and program

By far the best way to reach the city during the Feria is by public transport. Between the surrounding cities and villages and the city center, busses are riding the whole day and night from and to the Feria. It is possible to pay in the bus itself, but also in the city you can buy tickets at the ticket booths nearby the bus station.

The detailed program of the Feria is not known yet, and therefore no precise data are given in this blog. Once released, the program can be found on the website of the city of Malaga. In the city itself you can find programs at the tourist information points, and also often in the restaurants and shops. It is best to be well aware of the daily events, so that you are sure that you won’t miss anything!

have you booked a holiday at Reikon Holidays during the Feria? Then our hosts can tell you a lot more about the best events, the bus you should take to the city center and where the best restaurants and food stalls can be found. Have a lot of fun in this unforgettable week, and let us know how it was!

Have you ever been to the Feria of Malaga, and what was the experience like? Please comment below!

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