Near the Caminito del Rey, new train service

This month, a brand-new rail service will transport guests straight to the Caminito del Rey, or at the very least, the El Chorro station. Although this station has been around for a while, it was only reachable on the Málaga-Seville line until March 20, 2023. These high-speed trains ran five times daily, and the schedule was unfavorable. That is currently altering.

A trial run of the new train service is presently underway. However, it will begin to be used on March 20, 2023, as planned. Meanwhile, empty trains are still moving so that the drivers can get a feel for the track and to do other RENFE testing. These are the same trains that travel between Fuengirola and Málaga and between Málaga and Alora on a considerably longer schedule as the local Cercaninias trains and the Civia trains. It completes the connection between the Cercaninias train network and the El Chorro-Caminito del Rey train station.

From now on, it’s anticipated that a sizable number of the 300,000 visitors to the Caminito del Rey would do so by rail. Currently, these are company vans, coaches, or simply individual people’s cars or rented cars. The Caminito del Rey can now be visited without a rented car.

Caminito del Rey, train service
Caminito del Rey, train

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