Christmas in Malaga

5 reasons why you should celebrate Christmas in Andalusia!

Maybe the Costa del Sol isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the festive days in winter, as temperatures can rise up to 18-20 degrees and there is no chance of snow in sight. Yet, the Andalusians know better than anyone how to celebrate Christmas properly, making Malaga one of the best places to spend the winter holidays during the most magical time of the year. Still not completely convinced? Then read the five reasons in this blog on why you should celebrate Christmas in Malaga!

1. The Malaga Christmas lights

First of all, the Christmas lights in Malaga are nothing less than spectacular: the whole city center is beautifully illuminated, but the main shopping street -the Calle Larios- is the best part: the whole street is fully decorated with beautiful lighted pillars, full of colours. The ambience in this street is absolutely fantastic in December! But that is not all: the Alcazaba, or historic fort just outside of the old center, is also fully illuminated during Christmas. So in short, the amazing Christmas decoration completely makes up for the palm trees and high temperatures, and if you are there, you will get into the Christmas mood in no time. This year, the lights will be officially turned on on the 26th of November, and this usually is a great spectacle: a famous person from Malaga turns the Christmas lights on, and afterwards the whole city celebrates with an amazing ambiance in the streets. Up until the 5th of january you can enjoy this beautiful decoration, so we would definitely recommend you to visit the city during this time of the year!

2. Nativity Scenes, Christmas Markets and street music

And it’s not only the lights that give the city its amazing ambiance during Christmas: there are also countless nativity scenes, little stands with good food and drinks, and cosy Christmas markets throughout the whole city. There is music everywhere, and there is always a nice & busy vibe. The normal shops are also all fully decorated, and they offer a wide variety of Christmas products. So do you still need an ugly Christmas sweater? Don’t worry, you’ll definitely find it in Malaga!

3. The delicious Christmas food in Malaga

Of course, the Spanish food already has a great reputation, but during Christmas the Spaniards raise the level even more. You should, for example, try a good ‘Cordero Asado’, a delicious dish with very soft and tender meat. Or order some ‘Langostinos a la Plancha’, or grilled Gamba’s, which are usually freshly prepared.

And are you a bit of a sweet tooth? Then you will be in heaven in Malaga during the festive days. Turrón, for example, is one of those famous typical sweet bites that are available everywhere during December. There is the hard, white turrón (a bit comparable to nougat), and also the softer, darker and even sweeter turrón, which often is added to all types of deserts like ice cream, chocolate, or cake.

Another typical Spanish sweet bite is the polvorón, a sort of mini-pastry that is often wrapped in a candy paper. ‘Polvo’ means dust in Spanish, so polvorón seems to be a logical name for this powdery bite. When the polvorón is wrapped in paper, most Spaniards have the habit of squeezing it together before opening it, so that it doesn’t fall apart easily. So if you would like to eat like a real local, you should also squeeze it before eating! The polvorón is also available in countless flavours, and can be found in any supermarket or deli counter in Spain.

4. New Years’ Eve in Malaga

And then of course we cannot forget New Year’s Eve! New year’s Eve in Malaga is a huge celebration as well. You can enjoy the fantastic party vibe all evening, can eat a delicious dinner at any of the many great restaurants, and after twelve you can party up until sunrise if you would like to. But that’s not it yet, because did you know that they have a very typical tradition in Spain on New Year’s Eve, which literally évery Spaniard does? The days before the end of the year you’ll notice the supermarkets are full of… grapes! These are bought especially for the final seconds of the year: when the countdown starts, the idea is that you put 1 grape per second in your mouth. So, the last 12 seconds of the year (nobody knows why it is 12 seconds and not 10 by the way), you put 12 (!) grapes in your mouth, and as most Spaniards are not able to do so, you’ll see some hilarious scenes during the countdown! Most people in Spain get on the streets and plazas to do the ritual of the grapes together, so it is definitely worth it to be in the city center when the countdown starts. Yet, if you are there, you should also participate!

5. Unforgettable for the kids

Also for the kids it is a blast to celebrate Christmas in Malaga. In the streets and on the many Christmas markets there is a lot to do, see and eat for the little ones. Usually there is even a whole theme park, but this year (2021) the authorities do not dare yet to organize this (due to COVID-19). Still, there is plenty to do for the kids, so Christmas in Malaga will definitely be unforgettable!

In short, there are lots of reasons for you to come celebrate Christmas in Malaga and have a great time. We would definitely recommend spending the holidays in the sunny South, as the Christmas mood may be even stronger here than back home. Would you like to know more about celebrating the Christmas holidays in Andalusia, or would you like to get some specific tips about events you should visit during these days? Get in touch with us and we will tell you everything!

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