6 reasons why remote working from abroad is totally your thing

Working on the beach, with an ice cream in hand!

Can you picture it? Instead of busting your butt at the office you now have an amazing view of the beach. In your lunch break you take a quick dive in the sea, or you go for a walk on the boulevard with an ice cream in your hand. After work, you can go for a round of golf, or you could get to know one of the beautiful historical cities nearby. And we’re not even talking about the weekends yet… talk about a mini vacation! So yeah, who said that working at home had to happen at your -actual- home? After all, remote working from the beach is definitely a thing, and it’s getting more and more popular since the corona crisis. But how do you actually do that, remote working from abroad? Well, you can read everything about it here, and we will give you 5 reasons why it is totally worth it to give it a try in Spain!

1. It is financially attractive

Yes, really! Thinking about it, you may say ‘there goes my hard-earned salary’, but that doesn’t have to be true, especially not if you make some smart moves. First of all, the most important thing is to make sure your place in your home country earns itself back. You can do that by renting it though AirBnB or some of her alternatives(make sure though you follow the laws of your region), and you could even outsource the whole renting process to a professional company.. This way, you don’t need to pay double costs, and you could even make some profit by renting your home.

Besides that, you definitely shouldn’t pay the full price for a holiday home here in Spain. Holiday home providers, like us, are usually very happy with guests that would like to stay for a longer time, and can give you a lot of discount when you go for a long stay reservation. This way, you can stay in one of our luxury holiday homes for a very fair price. The exact rates would be calculated regarding the season, the home you would like to rent, and the amount of time you will stay. Get in contact with us if you are interested!


But anyways, let’s get back to the financial benefits of remote working abroad: because this wasn’t it! Besides this beneficial renting arrangement, life itself is a lot cheaper in Spain as well, especially if you have a foreign salary. Eat out every week? No problem: especially here in the South you may easily pay only half of what you are used to (depending on where you live, of course), and the great bottle of wine you order on the side is a lot cheaper as well. So, no problem to have some tapas every now and then (or every day)! Also, trips to other places are very affordable, as both gasoline as public transport are very cheap. That means that that city trip to Sevilla or Granada is -literally- just around the corner 😉

2. You are way more relaxed

If you are easily stressed out because of your job, it is a lot better to work in a very relaxed environment. Stressful meeting? Take a fresh dive in the sea beforehand. Long and hard day of work? You totally deserved that ice cold cocktail on that sunny terrace! As Spain really works as a natural de-stressing place, you will feel way more relaxed when working here. And if you really feel all stiff because of a full day of sitting still? Well, you can find countless masseurs, physiotherapists and spa centers nearby. In Malaga center there is even an amazing Arabian Hammam , where you can experience the ultimate self-love wellness day!

3. Holiday at ‘home’!

And if you decide to take a few days off, you do not need to travel anymore to go on a holiday: you’re already there ;). You can, as soon as you close up your laptop, jump right into the holiday mood (or in the pool, or both). And the possibilities are endless: from visiting amazing ancient cities, impressive nature reserves, or even the world-famous Caminito del Rey if you want a more active day, to a nice relaxed day at the beach if you feel a little lazy: for every mood, there is a solution! And if you think about it: aren’t you way more relaxed if you don’t have any flights to catch, or suitcases to pack? This way you will get all of the good things of traveling, without the stress that usually comes with it.


4. Your friends will come to you – instead of the other way around!

You know the feeling: during your working life it is harder and harder to meet up with your friends, because life is getting busier. Yet, we bet that, if you temporarily live in Spain, they will come visit you without a doubt! Make them jealous with your new workspot, and take some days off to show them the ins and outs of the authentic Spanish life. Who knows, maybe they will stick around as well…

5. Doing housework, what is that?

It’s great right: after a long they of work you get to do… the housework! The favourite activity (ahem) of many of us, that live a busy working life. How great would it be if you could leave all of that cleaning, vacuuming and organizing behind? As we, as Reikon Holidays, are totally used to professionally cleaning all of our homes, we can of course also do that for you if you book a long stay with us! This way, after a working day, you can replace scrubbing the shower with a sunbathe session at the pool or beach. Not a bad deal, right?

6. You are back home in no time

Finally, if you do need to be back home because of an important meeting or family business, you can be there in no time. Malaga airport is a large airport with daily flights to anywhere in Europe, so wherever you live, you’ll be back home before you know it. This way, you can decide today if you want to be present tomorrow. And is the meeting back home over? Then you can just fly back to your temporary home at the Costa del Sol!


What do you think: isremote working abroadsomething for you as well? Then get in contact with us to see what the possibilities are. We would love to hear from you!

Would you like to go to Malaga as well?

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