Rincón de La Victoria

Hidden paradise - right next to Málaga!

Rincón de La Victoria

Why go on A holiday to Rincón de La Victoria? Rincon de la Victoria is a village in the south of Spain and is part of the province of Malaga. At this moment it contains more or less 41.000 inhabitants. The village is directly situated next to the Mediterranean sea; and is therefore the perfect place to spend your holiday. Rincon de la Victoria actually still does not show any sign of mass-tourism, which means that you can still really enjoy Spain in its authentic state.

Rincon de la Victoria is directly connected with a big strip of clean sand. In the summer season you will find lots of Spanish families there that, while having a barbeque, enjoy the lovely summer evenings together. Because the climate is also great in Rincón! It barely rains, and never really gets cold.

If you would like to leave the beach for a while and do some sightseeing, you could go to some of the beautiful cities nearby:Malaga, Granada, Cueva de Nerja en Sevilla. From Rincon de la Victoria its all just a short drive away! Rent a car, and en let the adventure start!

So, you are convinced and would like to spend some time in Malaga? Reikon Holidays has two studios and a big, luxury penthouse in Rincon de la Victoria, on the beach, right next to Malaga, and with everything taken care of. You book your dream holiday to Rincon de la Victoria at Reikon Holidays!



Málaga Center: 20 minutes